Why ABM chose cobalt

ABM chose to focus on cobalt for the following reasons.

  • Very strong demand growth driven by use of cobalt in lithium-ion batteries. CAGR in battery demand > 10% pa through to 2022 and beyond is forecast by many analysts.
  • Demand growth is outstripping supply: deficits forecast to 2020 and beyond
  • Price rises forecast to continue
  • Limited equity exposure opportunities for UK investors

Cobalt from the DRC

  • Two-thirds of the world supply comes from the DRC.
  • Concern for “clean cobalt” due to exploitation of child labour in the DRC by some artisanal operators.
  • ABM always intends to operate at the highest ethical standards.

Cobalt value proposition

  • Repositioning the company to focus on strong demand for cobalt and other battery metals.
  • Early mover on AIM - strong share price moves by ASX & TSX cobalt developers.
  • Strong land position in sought-after mining area.
  • Potential for early cash flow due to likely shallow mineralisation.
  • ABM expects strong local market for cobalt ore driven by anecdotal Chinese in-country buying.
  • Madini’s experience of operations in the DRC should assist ABM’s growth

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